Talent Agent / Manager for Social Media Influencers

As a talent management company for social media influencers, Boldstreak connects our influencers to leading brand partners. We proudly focus on diversity, thought leaders and compelling stories. Our team works closely with the influencer and brand representatives throughout the entire campaign to ensure seamless and successful results.

In this role, you will support our influencers to ensure that they deliver great work to the brands that hire them. You will know that you’ve been successful when our influencers and the brand representatives have all had a spectacular experience working with each other – and you.

This is a unique opportunity because this is a promotable position from which you could build your career in talent management.

So who is our next star?

We are seeking our next star who lives & breathes social media for our Social Media Talent Manager position. In this role, you will negotiate deals for our influencers with national brands for sponsored posts. This role is core to building the future of Boldstreak. This is a unique opportunity for a social media fanatic who has a demonstrated background in deal negotiation or sales. You must be a self-motivated person who seeks a challenging and varied role—and wants to grow professionally.

This role requires you to master three key focus areas:

#1 Close Deals

You are a natural salesperson and a strong negotiator. Our team has a strong background in negotiations and will coach you to develop your skills as a negotiator and learn the Boldstreak process. We believe negotiation is far more of an art than a science and we welcome you to put your spin on it. As your primary focus area, you will be responsible for creating quality pitches, presenting proposals, negotiating and ultimately closing the deals between nationally known brands and our roster of influencers. The buyer may be brands, but we also work with agencies who represent brands, so if you have connections and experience working with this audience that is a plus!

#2 Build Relationships

You are high energy, passionate, a master networker and polished. Your job would be to strengthen relationships with brands and agencies. You will do this by meeting with brands and agencies face-to-face whether it be over a video call, coffee, happy hour or whatever. By building rapport with brands, you’ll better understand how we can do more business with them.

#3 Strategize Growth

You are a business savvy brainstormer. You see opportunities for how to surpass your sales targets whether that be finding thoughtful ways to increase the value of campaigns or find new brands to work with that would be a good match for our talent roster. Even though your focus will be brand engagement, you are the kind of person who will have your eye out for great influencer talent that you can introduce to Boldstreak.

The boxes you must tick:

• At least one year of experience as a talent agent or talent manager for social media influencers
• Alternatively, a strong negotiator & natural salesperson with the work experience to demonstrate this
• Ability to self-manage and self-motivate
• Self-driven to achieve and surpass set goals
• Relationship builder
• Results focused
• Business savvy
• High energy, passionate & polished
• Ability to think clearly under pressure
• You must absolutely be active & engaged on social media
• Excited to be a part of a growing company with big dreams

What’s in it for you?
• Work in an environment with diverse, passionate and energetic professionals
• Tremendous opportunity for mentoring and professional growth
• Challenges and fun
• Professional but flexible dress code
• Core to our corporate culture is maintaining a healthy work / life balance. One of the ways we take this from concept to reality is by offering our team fully paid onsite yoga, meditation, exercise and other daily classes that we strongly encourage our team to schedule every day. We want to be a great and healthy place to work.

Sound like a fit?

The next step is to learn more about us elsewhere on our website and of course on our social media.

Please be aware that creating or managing a company's own social media marketing program is NOT relevant experience. You must have meaningful negotiating experience in deals involving influencers for this position or be an experienced salesperson.

This position pays between $40,000 and $75,000 plus commissions. This is obviously a big range. What it reflects is that we are open to people who bring different levels of experience and industry knowledge to the table.

It is a big plus if you have a portable book of business.

If you would like to send us a video, please let us know that and we will tell you how to submit it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Boldstreak is an equal opportunity employer. This means we are committed to recruiting, training, compensating and promoting our employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender or any other protected classes that might make us unique or different. We are dedicated to reflecting the diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion found in our influencers and partners. Inclusion is core to who we are from the way we craft our job descriptions to the values we cherish.

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