Junior Agent for Social Media Influencers

As a talent management company for social media influencers, Boldstreak connects our influencers to leading brand partners. We proudly focus on diversity, thought leaders and compelling stories. Our team works closely with the influencer and brand representatives throughout the entire campaign to ensure seamless and successful results.

In this role, you’ll support our influencers to ensure that they deliver great work for the brands that hire them. You’ll know that you’ve been successful when our influencers and the brand representatives have all had a spectacular experience working with each other – and you.

This is an exciting opportunity because you’ll be the point person leading the successful execution of the many social media campaigns we do. You’ll be in constant contact and develop personal relationships with our exciting influencers and the people who are responsible for hiring social media influencers for brands. Examples of the many famous brands we have worked with include Disney, Giorgio Armani Beauty, H&M, Grove Collaborative, Olay, Dermae, Dr Teal’s and Bank of America. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in the social media industry, this unique opportunity will launch your career. For example, if you aspire to be a talent agent for social media influencers or maybe work on the brand side or maybe some other type of job in social media, this position will help you get there. 

You’ll be responsible for three key areas:

#1 It’s All in the Details

Boldstreak is fortunate because many brands contact us because they want to hire our influencers for their social media campaigns. However, the requests that come in usually don’t have many of the details we need to begin our negotiation on behalf of our influencers.

Much of your focus will be on gathering all the information our talent agents will need to begin the negotiations of the deal for the sponsored posts the brand wants. To do this, you’ll be in constant communication with your contact person for the brand. You’ll be working closely with and be an essential resource to our talent agents.

We’ll give you great tools to do your job by providing you with our best in the industry proprietary technology systems to automate and streamline the process. 

You’re perfect for this opportunity if you enjoy the thrill of solving problems on your own. 

#2 Thinking Ahead of Our Talent Agents

Another core part of this role is being the first resource our talent agents turn to when they need help negotiating deals. 

You’ll be responsible for handling many inbound emails and communications, entering the information you collect into our project workflow and management system, performing financial health checks on the brands that contact us to help ensure that they are financially stable and credit worthy, and handling our high-volume contract signature process.  

We need our brands to love Boldstreak so that they believe we are the most professional and efficient talent agency for social media influencers with whom they have ever worked. You’ll be working closely with brands to manage their expectations while strengthening our relationships with them.

#3 Providing Tender Loving Care

At Boldstreak, we like to shower the influencers we represent and brand representatives with love. We show our love in many ways including thoughtfulness and sometimes gifts as token of this love. You’ll lead our TLC efforts by getting to know and building a rapport with brand representatives and our influencers. 

Then you’ll be responsible for delivering the TLC whether that means choosing the gift or being innovative and coming up with other ways to make them feel the love.

The boxes you must tick:

  • A resourceful problem solver

  • Strong communicator

  • Ability to self-manage and self-motivate

  • Relationship builder

  • Aspire to be a great deal negotiator

  • Active & engaged on social media

  • Excited to be a part of a growing company

What’s in it for you?

  • Work in an environment with diverse, passionate and energetic professionals

  • Tremendous opportunity for mentoring and professional growth

  • Challenges and fun

  • Professional but flexible dress code

  • Core to our corporate culture is maintaining a healthy work / life balance. One of the ways we take this from concept to reality is by offering the Boldstreak Family fully paid onsite yoga, meditation, exercise and other daily classes that we strongly encourage everyone to schedule every day. We pride ourselves on being a great and healthy place to work.

  • A competitive compensation package including paid vacation

Sound like a fit?

The next step is to learn more about us at Boldstreak.com and through our social media.

If you love what we’re about, then apply here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Boldstreak is an equal opportunity employer. This means we are committed to recruiting, training, compensating and promoting our employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender or any other protected classes that might make us unique or different. We are dedicated to reflecting the diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion found in our influencers and partners. Inclusion is core to who we are from the way we craft our job descriptions to the values we cherish.

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