One of the most important tools for promoting your business or product is influencer marketing. It is an effective and continuously growing strategy that can boost your exposure to millions of people.

But what is an influencer? (We prefer the word creator!)

A creator is someone with a social media presence, from several hundred to millions of highly engaged and loyal followers. They drive conversation and interest around a particular topic, discussion, or niche area.

They often master the art of managing multiple channels and communities, forming a fanbase that trust their opinions and recommendations.

Hina  x Medicine

Hina x Medicine

Collette  x Family

Collette x Family

Lissette  x Fashion

Lissette x Fashion

Influencers have a loyal following, authenticity and trustworthiness making them so effective in persuading consumers to buy a product.
— Forbes

How are creators valuable?

Creators are not simply marketing tools, but social relationship assets. They may be the person responsible for driving product sales, supporting new product releases, or part of a resource pool that increases market awareness and industry shifts before they happen.

Tyla  x Aveeno

Tyla x Aveeno

Rachel  x Garnier

Rachel x Garnier

Tonya  x Clarins

Tonya x Clarins

Influencers are users of social media, who are perceived to be trustworthy and whose opinions are valued enough by their community to be able to impact the communities’ purchasing decisions.
— Blog Foster Academy

As a result, creators offer a lot of potential for brands and advertisers. With the help of a creator, your product could become the latest must-have item amongst an entire online community. Our creators have at least 100K followers on Instagram alone. This kind of reach could have major impact for a brand’s sales and return on investment.

How do you measure their influence?

There are many types of creators. They range in size (macro vs micro), platform (Instagrammers, YouTubers, or bloggers) and content (lifestyle, fashion, or photography). Sometimes they are a mix of them all.

The influence of our creators is often analyzed in categories.

Some of the things Boldstreak looks for are: 

Reach: The number of followers, the level of engagement, and number of page visits

Content: Is the content created regularly?  Have they found their unique voice? Is the content high quality with a point of view?

Community: How authentic is their content? Are their followers truly interested in what they have to say?

Impact: Did the campaign move the needle for the advertiser when it came to key performance indicators? How big is the overall buzz, enthusiasm and level of activity that this influencer is creating?

As has often been said in our industry, if you can’t define it, you can’t measure it. And if you can’t measure it, you can’t monetize it.
— Adweek

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