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Let’s define quality content and better understand why it matters to brands and influencers

It’s common for influencers and brands to focus on the quality of social media posts, but that begs the question. What makes a post high quality?

Today, social media users are increasingly demanding and expect authenticity from influencers. They want content that is worth their time and attention.

Tara Fuller  @tararrized

Tara Fuller @tararrized

While perfect dimensions and editing for the sake of aesthetically pleasing content are part of the equation, there’s more... Audiences only tune in because the content influencers produce matters to them in some deeper way. While pitching a product or service is what influencer marketing is all about, this only works for influencers that are consistently going above and beyond when delivering an experience that their audience values. 

You can never overvalue the importance of spectacular and frequent organic posts. These organic posts enhance the value of sponsored posts. They are part of the formula that makes sponsored posts resonate and create engagement.

Influencers need to tell a story. Before you roll your eyes, remember that this piece of advice is a cliché because it’s so true. So what does “tell a story” mean?

If you are an influencer, you must know your audience. Every social network and niche is different. What is it about your content that makes you stand out and what is it that your audience loves to see from you? This is where your analytics matter.

Rosanna Javier  @glamdapper

Rosanna Javier @glamdapper

Style and Tone: You might have a narrative that differentiates you from other influencers - but it’s your tone that really makes you stand out. Think about how the audience for your niche interacts. Chances are, you’ll want to share that tone to connect to them better.

Consistency: It’s the key. Seriously! You might be doing everything above, but it doesn’t matter if people can’t rely on you. Post consistently to let people know that your story is still progressing and that there’s still reason to stay tuned. Not only that, but you’re more likely to be a constant presence in their thoughts if you show up on their timelines often.

Karla Lu  @polymathmom

Karla Lu @polymathmom

Influencers. We are talking about your brand! Your audience is what’s feeding you and they’re the ones talking about you with their friends. Without good quality and a reason for people to follow you, brands won’t be knocking on your door anytime soon. Quality and focusing on your niche are what make you stand out to brands.

Brands – Now you know what it takes for an influencer to create quality content that increases their reach AND thereby drives your revenue. Influencers that have quality content are typically trusted by their audiences, who are more likely to spend big for the products those influencers are promoting.

Andrew Wise  @lifetailored

Andrew Wise @lifetailored

In addition, quality posts make the branding feel like it’s not forced, meaning your content integrates beautifully into their social posts. It feels more genuine and opens the door to successful and long partnerships.

So, next time you’re about to post something on social media or hire an influencer to promote your product, check to see if their content is high quality – it’ll only benefit you.

Look for consistent posting, engagement with audiences in comments and captions, transparency, not selling out, thinking about their audience to produce content that they love.