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Why All Influencers Should be on Multiple Platforms

@bellabucchiotti, proud Instagrammer and Blogger

@bellabucchiotti, proud Instagrammer and Blogger

Attention influencers: Social media platforms aren’t created equally. All of them have their own rules, and these rules impact how well content performs. What makes content effective on one platform does not necessarily do so on another.


This is why influencers need to divide their focus between multiple platforms. Those who are already doing so are not only reaching a larger audience but also cross-promoting their various platforms, which allows their engagement to skyrocket.

@livesweet, Insta-mom and blogger extraordinaire

@livesweet, Insta-mom and blogger extraordinaire


It’s no secret that all social media platforms use algorithms, change those algorithms regularly, and then keep influencers on their toes by keeping the changes secret. In the face of this, the best thing an influencer can do to boost their engagement is to grow and optimize on more than one social platform to reflect each one’s different audience and the different types of information each typically presents.


The worst thing an influencer could do is mindlessly push content from one platform to another. While understanding the various algorithms might feel like voodoo, one truism is that all algorithms favor content that’s posted natively.


Here’s a quick summary of some basics about each platform:

Data: Axios research: Chart: Axios Visuals

Data: Axios research: Chart: Axios Visuals


In a recent article by Sarah Fischer and Neal Rothschild, they state that:

“[T]he core function of each platform elevates certain topics because of the native format and the reasons users visit the platform.”

@arielle_scarcella - YouTuber, Instagrammer, LGBT activist

@arielle_scarcella - YouTuber, Instagrammer, LGBT activist

Thus, an influencer will not engage with every audience on one platform – nor will every audience engage with every influencer – because each platform is relaying information they need most efficiently. The trick to this is learning your audience, your niche, and what combination of social channels optimizes foot traffic to your accounts.


Keep in mind - you don’t really control your social media accounts. You may have created the username and posted the content, but Instagram can remove it all without warning. If they were to do this – and they have – you would instantly lose your business, unless you’ve diversified. 


@terrell.and.jarius - YouTubers, Instagrammers, stereotype breakers

@terrell.and.jarius - YouTubers, Instagrammers, stereotype breakers

Let’s recap why this all matters. Sure, another social platform may mean more work, but it also means big rewards. Having more than one social media platform not only makes you more marketable but also increases your engagement. With platforms like Instagram taking steps towards removing engagement indicators such as “likes,” it is becoming more important than ever to demonstrate your engagement in other ways and through multiple channels.

Never forget: Work Hard, Play Hard


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Boldstreak to me is a team of passionate entrepreneurs who work in a fast-paced ever-changing social media industry. 

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